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Please read carefully before ordering

Best quality, flowering size bulbs are offered for sale. All Snowdrops will be sold 'IN THE GREEN', from late January until early April. Snowdrops are usually sold in flower, obviously orders received late in the season will not have fresh flowers. Bulbs are lifted according to the weather conditions. These have been cultivated from healthy garden and nursery stock and are not collected from a wild source. Bulbs are cultivated in the open-ground, not pot grown and are lifted fresh prior to sale. Once the bulbs are received, in good condition, we cannot be responsible for their later cultivation.

Orders are dealt with in strict rotation and posted FIRST CLASS MAIL at the beginning of each week in an attempt to avoid postal delays. We offer a considerable number of Snowdrops both species & cultivars which are correctly identified as far as it is possible.

This list of snowdrops will hopefully be of interest to both existing and new customers. The inclusion of rare plants may mean that it will not always be possible to fulfill all orders as stock takes a number of seasons to reach sufficient numbers to have enough to be in a position to sell. Propagation of Snowdrops is long term, taking several seasons to reach a certain number.

Within this catalogue the prices given are mainly per bulb some will be very expensive this is due to the rarity of certain cultivars. But this is not so for all types of Snowdrops. Galanthus nivalis – the Common Snowdrop is included and there is nothing nicer to have a patch of this sort beneath a tree or hedge to brighten up a winter garden.
This list cancels all previous lists.

Snowdrops can be purchased by Mail Order or Collection from the Nursery. PLEASE SEND PAYMENT WITH YOUR ORDER & CLEARLY PRINT ALL DETAILS. That is, your name & address & the order you wish to purchase.Payment can be in the form of Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to 'FOXGROVE PLANTS' or by Bank Transfer. Details for this method are as follows:
Santander UK plc. Buisness Banking, 301St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5NT. Sort Code: 09 06 66. Account Number: 43 55 29 79. Please indicate whether a substitution can be made for an item or items which may no longer be available. Due to one or two problems concerning Mail Order cheques in the past the Order will be placed into our records and the payment will be paid into our bank. A refund cheque will be enclosed with an order if it cannot be fully completed.

NOTE: The prices given are per bulb, unless stated otherwise. The special price for a multiple order only applies to Mail Order or previously placed orders for collection. These are marked with an asterisk (*) In addition where 'LIMITED' follows an item, the stock of this is very limited and will be only in very small quantities.


Please send your payment with the order. We cannot accept an order without some form of payment. PLEASE NOTE: in addition to the cost of the bulbs we make a charge which goes towards the cost of packaging & posting of each (its length  & width ) as well as the weight. Therefore, parcels may be relatively light, but will be too thick for the less expensive size categories and unfortunately our charge has to be increased in line with this. POSTAGE & PACKAGING CHARGE ON AN ORDER IS £7.00 WITHIN THE UK, for large orders the charge will be £10.00 for an order of 100 bulbs or more. PLEASE NOTE : We do not accept payment by CREDIT CARD.

Please send a clearly printed order form or letter. Then we shall return a written confirmation of the order the customer will receive, i.e. The value of the goods and then the charge for postage and packaging. On a normal NON. UK. ORDER the postage & packaging charge will be £10.00, however if the value of the goods is above £70.00 then the order will be sent by 'International Parcelforce Worldwide' – globalexpress. The Charge for postage & packing will be depend on destination and weight.This service is a next day guarantee. We do not accept payment made in either EURO–CHEQUES or EURO'S. Payment for NON UK ORDERS is required in UK Sterling or through a Bank Transfer for which details will accompany our confirmation.


Snowdrops can be collected from the nursery if a prior order has been received by us. In this case please check our opening times on the Home Page.